Shredder is run by a rider based in Scotland who makes a printed zine, creates videos, designs clothing and most importantly, likes to have fun riding his bike. Max Rendall and Ryan Middleton will be flying the Shredder flag for the 2017 season, hit the Crew tab to find out what these guys are all about.

The zine is an independently printed publication which focuses on the individual characters that build up our worldwide riding scene and the more obscure subjects which you’re less likely to find on a mainstream MTB website. We merge bikes with art by featuring regular interviews with illustrators and artist spotlights in each issue.

Videos play a massive part in documenting the antics of the Shredder Crew riders and following the Scottish Scene in general. Expect a Lo-Fi aesthetic with plenty of VHS static, VCR text, cassette tapes, pizza, beer and 80’s inspired colours and text. A lot of these effects and transitions are a play on the out dated media formats of yesteryear, a category which print has also fallen into over recent years.